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Unitimes 精选 | V 神称 Serenity 将如期部署;币安将比特币 SV 摘牌

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  2019 年 4 月 15 日,以太币交易总额为 2,534,076 ETH ,比前日上升 47.56%;日活跃用户量 175,319,比前日上升 22.54%;新增合约 35,728 个,比前日上升 4.28%;平均交易费用为 10.58 GWEI,比前日上升 2.79%;最活跃合约为 0X24B663...;通证代币交易总额为 315,014 个,比前日下降 7.21%。

  April 15, 2019, ETH transferred volume is 2,534,076 ETH, increasing 47.56% (compared to April 14); the number of daily active users is 175,319, increasing 22.54%; the number of new contracts is 35,728 , increasing 4.28%; average fees are 10.58 GWEI, increasing 2.79%; the most active contract is 0X24B663...; tokens transferred volume is 315,014 , decreasing 7.21%.


  V 神称 Serenity 将如期部署,一天都不会推迟

  在 Reddit 的一个专栏中,以太坊创建人 V 神最近谈到了以太坊 2.0 的进展以及以太坊的最后一个阶段 Serenity。Reddit 用户 Yagan说 V 神已经证明了他“决心砥砺前行,不管是作为个人还是领导者”,而不会对过去几个月围绕以太坊的 FUD 过度关注。对此,另一个名为 Dont_hate_scienceguy 的 Reddit 用户回答说,他会在 V 神退出以太坊生态系统的那天卖掉他的代币。这一评论引起了 V 神的注意,他表示,Prysmatic Labs、Lighthouse 和所有其他团队的开发人员并没有将“以太坊 2.0 的进展”推迟一天。V 神进一步表示,状态通道、Plasma、ZK 和 1.x 提案也在“稳步推进”。他补充说,目前的 1.0 客户机也会定期升级,以便能够“更好地处理”当前链的负载。

  「Unitimes注:FUD,即 Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt,英文意思为惧、惑、疑。最早出自 Gene Amdahl 之口,Gene Amdahl 原为 IBM 工程师,之后离开 IBM 自行创立 Amdahl Corporation,成为 IBM 竞争对手,FUD 最早意指 IBM 销售人员对客户灌输关于 Amdahl 和其他竞争公司产品的负面观念,也就是在顾客的头脑中注入疑惑与惧怕,然后,你说什么他们就可能信什么。这种行销手法经常用于电脑业界,特别是微软常向客户宣称 Linux 与其他开放源代码的软件对客户有弊无利。 」

  Serenity has not been delayed by even a single day, claims Vitalik Buterin

  Vitalik Buterin, the Creator of Ethereum, recently spoke about the development surrounding Ethereum 2.0, the final stage of Ethereum, on a Reddit thread dedicated to him. Yagan, a Redditor, stated that Vitalik Buterin had proved that he was “determined to move forward as a person and as a leader” irrespective of the FUD surrounding Ethereum over the past several months. To this, another Redditor with the username Dont_hate_scienceguy, replied stating that he would sell-out his coins, the day Buterin exits the Ethereum ecosystem. This comment caught the attention of Buterin as he stated that the evelopers at Prysmatic Labs, Lighthouse, and all the other teams have not delayed the “progress of eth2” even by a single day. Buterin further stated that even State Channel, Plasma, ZK roll-up, and 1.x rent proposals were “steadily moving forward”. He added that the current 1.0 clients were also regularly upgraded so that they could “better handle” the load of the current chain.


  由于比特币 SV 不符合交易所的标准,币安将其摘牌

  大型加密货币交易所币安(Binance)已经正式宣布将于下周摘牌比特币 SV(BSV)。4 月 15 日,该公司正式宣布了这一消息。交易所表示,截至 4 月 22 日,它将对交易所的一切 BSV 交易对摘牌并停止交易。在公告中,币安解释说,它会定期审查其平台上的资产,“以确保其(一项资产)持续达到我们预期的标准。”该公司还说:“我们相信这是保护用户最好的办法。”交易所列出了对其尽职调查请求、代币发展水平和质量以及“不道德/欺诈行为证据”的回应,包括在退出加密货币之前考虑的因素。交易所还指出,它将支持在 4 月 22 日(世界标准时间)上午 10:00 之前提取该种代币。

  Binance to Delist Bitcoin SV as It ‘No Longer Meets’ the Exchange’s Standards

  Major cryptocurrency exchange Binace has officially announced that it will delist Bitcoin SV (BSV) starting next week. The news was revealed in an official announcement from the firm today, April 15. The exchange stated that as of April 22, it will delist and cease trading on all trading pairs for BSV. In the post, Binance explained that it regularly reviews assets listed on its platform “to ensure that it [an asset] continues to meet the high level of standard we expect.” The firm went on to explain that “we believe this best protects all of our users.” The exchange listed responsiveness to its due diligence requests, level and quality of the coin’s development and “evidence of unethical / fraudulent conduct” among the factors that it takes into account before delisting a cryptocurrency. The exchange also noted that it will support withdrawals of the coin until 10:00 a.m. UTC on April 22.



  据路透社 4 月 15 日报道,法国试图说服其他欧盟成员国采用与该国类似的加密货币法规。据报道,法国经济和财政部长 Bruno Le Maire 表示,法国鼓励其他欧盟国家采用与法国类似的加密货币法规,该法规于上周通过。根据其新通过的法规,加密货币运营商必须申请一份证明,此证明使当局能够核实代币发行或交易平台的支持者,并监督企业的计划和反洗钱(AML)保障措施。Le Maire 表示,他将“向我的欧洲合作伙伴提议,一起建立一个统一的加密货币资产监管框架。”

  Reuters: France to Push EU Member States to Adopt Its Cryptocurrency regulations

  France is reportedly going to try to convince other European Union member states to adopt cryptocurrency regulations similar to its own, Reuters reported on April 15. Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of the Economy and Finance, reportedly stated that France will encourage other EU countries to adopt cryptocurrency regulations similar to those France approved last week. Per the newly adopted regulation, cryptocurrency operators will have to apply for a certification that would purportedly enable authorities to verify who stands behind a new coin’s issuance or a trading platform, also supervising businesses’ plans and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) safeguards. Le Maire reportedly said that he will “propose to my European partners that we set up a single regulatory framework on crypto-assets inspired by the French experience. ”



  根据全球托管机构 The TRADE Crypto 和 BitGo 的调查,94% 的留本基金去年直接或通过基金投资了加密货币资产。这项研究是在 2018 年第四季度进行的,150 只基金(主要是美国的基金)参与了这项研究。超过一半的留本基金表示,它们直接投资于个人加密货币资产。研究表明,尽管对监管、波动性和流动性存在担忧,留本基金机构仍然计划今年投资数字资产,只有 7%的人表示可能会减少与加密货币相关的投资。同时,约有 50%的人声称他们将增加加密货币投资,其余人处于待定状态。

  9 in 10 endowment funds have made crypto-related investments, study finds

  Ninety-four per cent of endowment funds have stated they've invested in crypto assets, either directly or through a fund last year, according to a survey conducted by Global Custodian, The TRADE Crypto and BitGo. The study was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2018, and 150 funds—mostly U.S.-based—took part. More than half of the endowment funds stated they had invested directly in individual crypto-assets. The study shows that despite worries concerning regulation, volatility and liquidity, endowers are planning to continue investing in digital assets this year—only 7 per cent showed interest in decreasing their crypto-related investments. However, less than 50 per cent claimed they would increase their crypto investments, with the rest planning to hold what they already had.



  Ryan Sean Adams

  Mythos Capital 创始人



  加密货币的实验在价值 1000 亿美元的市场上进行。

  央行的实验正在价值 100 万亿美元的市场上进行。


  Crypto is an experiment. But so are modern central bank policies

  The difference:

  The crypto experiment is running in a market worth 100s of billions

  The central bank experiment is running in a market worth 100s of trillions

  Tell me again: which experiment is more risky?


  Ryan Sean Adams

  Mythos Capital 创始人

  ?当 V 神刚开始创建以太坊的时候,它是一个制造可编程货币的项目,类似于区块链的金融合约。随后是 Gav Wood 将去中心化应用的概念引入了以太坊。

  “When Ethereum was started by Vitalik, that was sort of a project to make money programmable, like financial contracts on blockchains. But then what Gav [Wood] really brought to the space was that notion of decentralized applications”


  Joseph Young



  在经历了 16 个月的熊市之后,币安的第一季度盈利额达到了 7800 万美元,这是今年的开门红。

  The crypto market seems to be healthy still at least for the big exchanges.

  $78 million Q1 profit for Binance in 2019 after a 16-month bear market, a very successful start to the year


  Erik Voorhees



  There has never been a global recession since Bitcoin was created. Next time it happens, there is an escape hatch.


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